A moment for you, no one but you

Another time, another world

Hôtel Vila VeraTheresa offers an extraordinary experience of simplicity in beautifully natural, dreamy surroundings.


A charming traditional fishing village in the Northeast region of Brazil, Pontal de Maceio offers spectacular scenery. Your daily routine will be paced by the ebb and flow of the tides, the toing and froing of local fishing jangadas where you will find yourself enchanted by the fishermen’s art.

The scenery is the promise a gentle, protected way of life, where time stands still so you can enjoy the simple essential pleasures of life: lazing on sandy beaches, swimming in crystal clear waters and unwinding thanks to the very essence of local life.


This is without a doubt the finest kite-boarding destination in the region. On the horizon Farol da Barra, the small lighthouse perched near the mouth of the Jaguaribe river, watches over the vast multi-hued blue lagoons where exceptional winds blow between flat sands and sand tongues . The location, barely 300 metres from the hotel, reassures beginners and is a pleasure for experienced kite boarders.


While the beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, outings and excursions in buggies will take you to breathtaking landscapes. Be prepared for adventures and freedom. The most inquisitive travellers may choose to head down the coast to Canoa Quebrada for a dip in the ocean and to compare Caipirinhas on the opposite bank of Jaguaribe river. Adventure and freedom assured.


For a romantic outing truly immersed in greenery, take a boat trip up the Jaguaribe river and enjoy its luxurious flora. Mangroves, carnaubas and palms flourish while tropical birds sing and fly overhead, crabs scurry away and fish play. Unique moments guaranteed.


Sunrise and sunset are probably the best times of the day to let your equestrian in you guide you, only then will you fully realise how peaceful you are alone, enveloped in nature as if time had been paused, for you, here and now. Breath, enjoy, canter.



On the main channel of the Jaguaribe river a motorboat will take you to a magnificent mirror of water where you can take your first water skiing or wake boarding lesson or simply practice your sport.